Chemical Cleaning

Our cleaning and disinfection regimes minimise the spread of bacteria in clean water systems, and ensure that your water remains healthy and safe.

Cleaning and Disinfection is required to minimize the spread of bacteria in clean water systems. The most common disinfection regime is the chlorination of Cold Water Storage Tanks and all Associated Outlets.

All of the Clear Flow engineers have experience of tank cleaning and disinfection to ensure that your water remains healthy and safe. Clear Flow will work closely with the client to ensure there is minimal disruption to the water system during the cleaning and disinfection works and can arrange for this work to be carried out outside of normal working hours’.   

Acid Descaling 

One of the most common reasons for a boiler not performing to its optimum level is a build up of lime-scale and dirt.  By isolating, descaling, cleaning and re-treating with an inhibitor this results in a boiler that runs more efficiently thus reducing energy bills.  

Clear Flow also use acid descaling for plate heat exchangers and hot water cylinders.

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